The COMPANY BOARD also ensures effective and prompt execution of all projects within the limits of available human and material resources and in accordance with the contract agreement.
The multi-disciplinary nature of the organization deepens and enriches its specialization in many fields of services and makes possible the viewing of projects from wide spectrum of angles and combines in approaching them with deep and broad technical understanding. The concentration of skill, knowledge and experience of a diversified and yet highly specialized staff of the nature found in KGSL to handle an assignment is of particular relevance to a developing economy where goals and constraints are often highly inter-related. The overall objective of the company is to contribute in building, maintaining and sustaining the Nigerian environment using a combination of modern technology, advance and proven skills and a proper knowledge and understanding of the environment. Local sourcing of materials and personnel in line with demand of the present government local content policy is particularly emphasized.

Members, Board of Directors

  1. Engr E. Nweke…Managing Director
  2. Prof E. Belgam…..Exec. Director
  3. Barr G. Onwusi…Legal Director
  4. Engr N. Kelechi Tech. Director
  5. Mrs. N. Ejikeme…Member